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One Degree Tuesday December 8 2020

Who’s the next big innovator in Canadian marketing?

The initiative recognizes media and marketing professionals who are rising through the ranks and making their mark at their respective companies. The program exists to celebrate pioneers in the industry at the junior and mid-level, but it is not bound to an upper age limi


3 Reasons Scientists Endure Social Media Trolls And Attacks

Social media is an interesting place. It can be a repository of amazing information and access. At the same time, it can be a cesspool of mean-spiritedness and misinformation.


Make the most of your influencers

When most people think of influencers on social media, they conjure up images of millennials posting videos of exotic travel destinations or celebrities chatting about trendy clothing brands. But influencers are no longer a niche marketing avenue for the young; every demographic today is served by a squadron of influencers who together represent a US$101 billion industryPDF (by comparison, companies paid $67 billion in sports endorsements in the U.S. in 2019).


Why employee surveys, like political polls, are misleading

When results of the 2020 elections began to come in, a familiar question resurfaced: Why did so many polls get their predictions so wrong? The question has sparked all sorts of analysis, with Stephen Engelberg, editor-in-chief of the nonprofit news agency ProPublica, describing a “big failing.”


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