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One Degree Friday December 11 2020

10 new rules of design

The Black Lives Matter movement has caused a rightful reckoning in nearly every industry in 2020, and design is no exception. For the better part of a century, the conventional definition of “good design” has been largely Eurocentric, and companies have been staffed accordingly: 73% of designers are white, just 3% are Black.


Facebook enforcing new rules to prevent discrimination in advertising

Facebook has started enforcing new rules for advertisers in Canada meant to prohibit discrimination in ads for jobs, housing and credit services.


These were Canadians’ top Google searches in 2020

I In a tumultuous year like no other, Canadians took to their keyboards to keep up with a fast-paced news cycle that included a global pandemic, a racial reckoning, celebrity deaths, and an important presidential election south of the border.


How To Actually Get Verified On Social Media

The process of getting your social media accounts verified is mysterious and extremely desirable. For those who don’t know, social media verification is when your account handle has a blue check next to it. You will see A-list celebrities, athletes, musicians, successful brands and top social media personalities with the blue verified account checks. Simply put, the blue check signifies massive credibility and digital fame.


The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2021

Compare the best text message marketing services and learn how to choose the best service for your company’s needs.


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