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One Degree Monday December 14 2020

SEE IT: Forget Yule log, Canadian ad agency releases dumpster fire video perfect for 2020

As 2020 mercifully flames out, a Canadian advertising firm has put a spin on the calming fireplace channel genre.

To cap an epic dumpster fire of a year, the AM/FM agency in Edmonton, Alberta, published an hour-long video of a literal dumpster fire, complete with all manner of holiday trimmings.


Kids need media literacy education to match the rise of social networks: experts

Kids in Canada need greater access to up-to-date media literacy education to help them navigate what’s real and what’s fake or misleading online, experts say.


6 reasons why Disney fans should be worried about its future

Disney’s Investor Day conference on December 10 was a four-plus-hour palooza during which the company wowed Wall Street—Disney’s stock soared 12% to $173.84 per share on Friday morning, an all-time high—and the media with its incredible outlay of product coming down the pipeline.


Is Canadian Law Better Equipped to Handle Disinformation?

On Oct. 13, before President Trump—with only falsehoods as ammunition—began live-tweeting his attempt to overturn an election he lost, Emily Bazelon published an article in the New York Times Magazine entitled, “Free Speech Will Save Our Democracy: The First Amendment in the Age of Disinformation.” In this piece, Bazelon presents—and questions—the American free speech jurisprudence, according to which false statements and hurtful speech on public issues are presumptively protected by the First Amendment because “the ultimate good desired is better reached by free trade in ideas.” She wonders if the time has come for Americans to revisit the way they envision free speech.



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