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One Degree Friday January 8 2021

Air Canada Uses Influencers To Promote Travel Abroad

Canadian national flag carrier Air Canada has hired social media influencers to help promote vacation travel despite federal government guidelines urging people to stay home. As cases of the deadly COVID-19 virus begin to spike across Canada, the government is telling people to postpone non-essential trips.


How The Media Impacts Price Wars

Wars always have casualties, but may not always have a winner. This also goes for business wars, particularly when successive price cuts have companies selling below cost. In the U.S., this regularly happens in industries stuck with fixed costs and faced with declining demand, such as airlines right now.


2021 is the year to start focusing on these 10 important marketing and sales skills

Any marketing professional will agree, there’s not one skillset that you need to master—there are several—when it comes to staying relevant in 2021. Marketing requires business savvy, people skills, tech knowledge, and creative design, all of which can be developed through these 10 distinct course bundles.


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