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One Degree 2021 Update

As we dig into 2021 this is a good time for a short One Degree Update.

Our One Degree Daily Briefing Strategy

We have tons of data that shows us what you, our readers, prefer. When we switched to the Daily Briefing model, our traffic began taking off.

Prior to this new direction we would see, on average, from 2003 – 2010, 16,000 unique visitors a month. After implementing this strategy we now receive 54,941 (Average unique visitors/month Jan- Dec 2020). This does not include RSS nor tallies of Social Media impressions, which have also grown!

We do run the occasional article if it is something very special, but we’re leaning towards maintaining this Daily Briefing model going exclusively. Certainly, suggestions are always welcome!

All our stories in the Daily Briefings are curated – we go through about 85 news feeds and 50+ topic alerts as well as numerous publications every business day to find articles that are relevant to our readers who are mainly Canadian digital marketers. We are looking at a Weekend Edition … but more on that later!

We have been successfully running 3 – 5 articles a day in the Daily Briefings that we find to be both timely and important, and could add more each day, if we found that to be warranted.

We hope you are enjoying this format! It is our pleasure to serve you.



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  1. Flora Walton
    Flora Walton January 18, 2021

    For the very first time, I read your blog and loved it.

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