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One Degree Thursday January 21 2021

Wildly-successful Toronto startup acquired by tech giant for $754 million

After 14 years of rising from humble roots in Toronto to become one of the biggest digital storytelling platforms in the world, Wattpad is officially set to be acquired by a major internet conglomerate for $754 million CAD.


GUEST OPINION: Is social media complicit in the mob attack on the American capital?

My friend Dave said to me recently that whatever anyone thought of social media, we human beings at this point in our evolution were not ready for these tools. Hard to argue, even for someone who makes part of his living teaching that very tool. Using social media as our primary source for both news and truth, we have arrived at a chaotic time in public discourse like people swept up in a mob who don’t quite know what we are doing.


New technologies are coming as Canada’s 5G future dawns

5G in Canada is in an exciting position. Canada’s largest wireless carriers have burgeoning 5G cellular networks, phone makers are pumping out 5G-capable devices and it seems like everyone is making big promises about the future 5G will enable.

Read more at New technologies are coming as Canada’s 5G future dawns


Paramount+, the successor to CBS All Access, launches March 4 in the US, Canada and Latin America

Last year, ViacomCBS announced its CBS All Access streaming service would soon rebrand as Paramount+, to better reflect the expanded content lineup following the Viacom-CBS merger in 2019. Today, the company says it has set a launch date for Paramount+ in the U.S.: March 4, 2021. It’s also sharing the launch dates for other international markets, including Latin America, Canada and the Nordics.


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