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One Degree Monday January 25 2021

Australia Says ‘Inevitable’ Google, Others Have to Pay for News\

Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said it’s “inevitable” that Google and other tech behemoths will have to eventually pay for using media content, responding to the internet giant’s threat to disable its search engine in the country if it’s forced to pay local publishers for news.


Canada: Video: Protecting Your Digital Assets

What are the benefits and risks of relying on patent or trade secret protection for your technology? In our latest discussion, members of our intellectual property protection team, Teresa Reguly and Tasha De Freitas, break down the fundamentals of confidential information, trade secret and patent protection, including:


The office as we know it is over—and that’s a good thing

A year after the novel coronavirus began spreading in America, we’re finally beginning to understand how radically the world of business has been transformed. For decades we’ve had the tools, case studies, and best practices to evolve beyond an outdated cubicle culture. What we lacked was the willpower to leave the office behind.


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