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One Degree Monday February 1 2021

Canada not exempt from social media forces that created U.S. Capitol riot, heritage minister says

Canada is not exempt from the forces that led to the attack at the U.S. Capitol building earlier this month or the role that social media played in the lead up to the riot, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault warned a parliamentary committee Friday.


Strategic Thinking Is Convergent And Divergent

Can you be both logical and creative when looking at how to solve a problem? I think yes. In fact, I say it is critical to the role of a strategist in a marketing agency.


4 Things You NEED to Build the Perfect Twitter Strategy

Twitter’s platform doesn’t necessarily fit with conventional marketing. As robust of an ad platform as other social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are, Twitter is built entirely different. The lesser emphasis on paid media, the character limit for tweets, and the short content lifespan makes even your best tweets come and go in only a few hours. On the surface, it’s understandable why some marketers look at Twitter and say, “this isn’t worth my time.”


Institutional trust is the real meme

Last week, I dove into the AR maneuverings of Apple and Facebook and what that means for the future of the web. This week, I’m aiming to touch the meme stock phenomenon that dominated American news cycles this week and see if there’s anything worth learning from it, with an eye towards the future web.


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