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One Degree Tuesday February 2 2021

This startup lets you rent a backyard office from your neighbor

If you have the option to work remotely, you’re probably not quite ready to go back into an office or open-plan coworking space, even if the people around you are wearing masks. But would you rent a backyard office from your neighbor?


Technology innovation of the year: Scotiabank

Derivatives clients of Scotiabank may have noticed the bank’s pricing has been tighter of late. They may not know this is due to its new risk engine, which was built to calculate valuation adjustments (XVAs) faster and more accurately.


Digital channel performance: Evangelizing and communicating with the C-Suite

Characterized by continuing crises on every front from leadership to environmental to economic and of course health, 2020 was a year that reinforced the importance of digital worldwide. We saw transformation in even the most established (some might say resistant to change) industries. As so many consumers experienced the blurring of lines between their working and personal worlds, they are finding cause to reevaluate their own digital lives. This incredible shift in consumer behavior has captured the attention of the C-suite in a way never seen before.


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