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The new things to keep you entertained online in 2021

No matter where you are in the country, you probably relied on the internet a lot more to keep you entertained last year. As we were told to keep inside as much as possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many of us took to our laptops and smartphones to fill the time we would normally spend going out and seeing friends in family. If you felt like you exhausted what there is to offer on the internet in 2020, fear not, as there are many new things on the way this year. Here’s a look at some of the new things to keep you entertained online in 2021.

Games galore

Games are one of the most common ways to pass the time online. Whether it’s Candy Crush or Angry Birds on your phone, or a more complex online game like Fortnite on your laptop, there are some massive titles out there to enjoy. The only problem is that these simplistic online games can often feel a bit dull and repetitive after a time. If you’re looking for a game that’s a lot more unpredictable, why not try your luck at a game that’s been filling people with excitement and adrenaline for decades. There are so many different slot games online to enjoy, offering different levels of cash prizes and even themed around different characters. For example, on one website, you could be playing a slot machine based on the jungle creatures, and on another, you could find one set in space! Developers are always finding new ideas to keep you entertained, and you can see some of the new slot machines 2021 that are on offer on this website. Whether you want to play a serious game or one with more playful and humorous graphics and sounds, you’ll be able to find a game to suit your style here.

Disney Plus is adding even more

One of the huge successes of 2020 was Disney Plus. Whether it was The Mandalorian, Hamilton The Musical, or one of the many exclusive films to be released on this platform, millions of people rushed to subscribe to the streaming platform when it was announced last year. Now Disney Plus has announced they’re going to expand what’s on offer on their streaming platform by introducing a new section called Star. More than 150 TV series and over 500 movies will be added to the platform later this year.

More things to get delivered

As well as more things to play and stream, there are always new possibilities being added to what you can order online. No longer is online shopping restricted to clothing and gadgets. You can get almost anything delivered now, from kits to make specialist recipes to escape room puzzles you can play at home. If you’re unable to see a friend or family member for their birthday, these are also great gifts that you can get delivered straight to their door.

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