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One Degree Thursday February 18 2021

Zoom happy hour isn’t fun anymore. Try these 6 virtual team building ideas instead

The coronavirus pandemic has kept many office workers away from their workstations for nearly a year. And, with vaccines slow to roll out, it’s likely they’ll still be home for at least a few more months. While companies have found ways to use remote productivity tools such as Zoom, Slack, and shared document editing tools to substitute for in-person collaboration, most office workers have still gone close to a year without any quality coworker socializing.


Canada Revenue Agency: Don’t Miss This 1 Tax Write-Off This Year

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) introduced a new tax credit available up to the 2024 income year only. Taxpayers with subscriptions to Canadian digital news media after 2019 and before 2025 could claim up to $500 in costs.


Social Networks Want In On Audio

First the social networks conquered text. Then they dominated video. And now, the new frontier: audio.

New app Clubhouse has garnered significant buzz for its audio-based chatroom environment, where users can join live conversations with people and topics they follow. Last month,


Parler, social media platform popular among conservatives, reemerges online

The social media platform Parler, which gained immense popularity among conservatives, has reemerged online after being forced to go dark in the wake of the riot attack at the U.S. Capitol building last month.


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