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One Degree Tuesday February 23 2021

Local news could disappear if Canada doesn’t stand up to tech giants, Winnipeg newspaper publisher says

Days after Canada pledged to make Facebook pay for news content amid an ongoing media battle with tech giants, one newspaper publisher is warning local news could be in trouble if the government doesn’t take bold action.


Facebook friend Joe Biden to meet Justin Trudeau as Canada considers new fees on social-media giant

For years, Canadian critics of Big Tech have been accusing the Justin Trudeau government of being too lenient on Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook.But last week, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbealt surprised some by suggesting that the federal government may join Australia in ensuring that Facebook and Google pay for news content produced by Canadian publishers.


Canada’s vaccine strategy; a lesson in poor risk management

Henry Ford once said quality is doing it right when no one is looking. The same can be said about risk management. It’s easy to do the right thing when calamity impacts your business, and all eyes are suddenly upon you, preaching the imperativeness of risk management and resilience. But when the headlines move on to the next big story and the impacts of the last disaster have finished settling upon your balance sheet, it’s easy to forget the value of risk mitigation tactics and opt to save the money instead.



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