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One Degree Wednesday March 3 2021

Why Clubhouse’s UX is so alluring

Google “What is Clubhouse?” and you’ll find a flurry of articles written in the past few weeks about this fast-growing social network. It’s not yet a year old, and much of the buzz stems from the fact that Clubhouse is invite-only, bringing with it an element of exclusivity.


Tips to Become a LinkedIn Top Voice and Its Effects on Business

So apparently LinkedIn is all the rage in the professional and corporate world. One might think, like Facebook, LinkedIn might have died up too or become compromised. But LinkedIn still is a very professional platform that people use to network.


WLU launches campaign suggesting courses based on TV shows 

With awards season upon us, Wilfrid Laurier University is taking a nod from pop culture picks to help get students excited about the upcoming semester.

The school launched a new online campaign that suggests courses for students based on their recent streaming activity.


U.S. asks Google for detailed search data in antitrust case

The U.S. government has asked Google to fork over granular data on how its search engine works and is monetized, seeking to prove that the internet giant is a monopoly.

The U.S. Department of Justice and several state attorneys general are seeking comparable data on U.S. search results and related ad from Feb. 2, 2015 to Feb. 8, 2015 and from Feb. 3, 2020 to Feb. 9, 2020, according to a legal filing Monday.


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