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One Degree Friday March 5 2021

Google ends sale of ads using individual web tracking data

Google says it won’t develop new ways to follow individual users across the internet after it phases out existing ad-tracking technology from its Chrome browser, a change that could shake up the online advertising industry.


Next Apple Pencil rumored to get a glossy refresh

Apple is rumored to release new iPad Pro models soon, and now it looks like the tech giant might have a new Apple Pencil in the works as well. A purported image of the third-generation Apple Pencil was posted to Twitter by a leaker known as Mr. White.


Head nurses play significant role in ‘sitting at tables, where often there are no digital leads’

As healthcare organisations continue to combat the latest COVID-19 surge, nurses have reportedly felt chronically exhausted, unappreciated and even ready to leave the profession. Despite the pandemic continuing to accelerate the evolution of the healthcare environment, nursing and midwifery are key areas that will continue to face barriers that challenge their ability to deliver patient-centric care. During the HETT session, ‘Reset and Revitalise! The Digital Nursing and Midwifery Agenda 2021 and Beyond’, nursing leaders discussed how to encapsulate the advances made during the pandemic and ways to improve collaboration and efficiency in the future.


How business can bridge the gap and achieve net zero

Within the past year, a rapidly growing number of household-name businesses have announced net-zero targets. Their pledges punctuated an immeasurably difficult year with hope; there is a powerful symbolism when major players in oil and gas, automotives, airlines and other industries with a traditionally high carbon footprint commit to rapid decarbonisation.


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