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One Degree Tuesday March 9 2021

While the U.S. Postal Service struggles, Canada Post is sending every household a free postcard to ‘deliver a smile’

The U.S. Postal Service — like much of the world — has had a tough year, battling budget cuts alongside an increased demand in services and the politicization of its work.

Washington post

10 Inspiring Women of Ontario

Never underestimate the power of a person with a dream. The women featured in this list have found the drive to reach the pinnacle of their athletic success, the realms of outer space, beyond the glass ceiling and into the hearts of young people who will follow in their paths. For many of them, there is so much more to come.


Google’s user-level identifier bombshell: what we know (and don’t)

There’s nothing quite like an explosion of ad tech news to leave you to wonder “ergh… what’s going on here.” That’s the feeling many experienced when making sense of Google’s latest glimpse into life after the third-party cookie and the impact it could have on planned cookieless alternatives.


One Year into pandemic, federal digital government is largely business as usual

It’s been a year since the Government of Canada, like every other organization, household and individual, was forced to move its work to the web in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When this shift first took hold, many predicted that the digital demands of the crisis would provide the push the government needed to finally give its workforce access to modern digital tools (Slack, Google Drive, etc.), to design online services that actually work, and to effectively harness data for public good. By this logic, the pandemic would step in to close the deal on the elusive goal of “digital government transformation,” where digital strategies, chief information officers and high-level political commitments had failed.


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