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On Degree Thursday March 18 2021

Feds spend big on Facebook

While Parliament pressures Facebook over online hate speech and the network’s impact on the Canadian news media, the federal government spent more money than ever last year with the company.

Federal spending on social media grew in the 2019-2020 fiscal year to $8.5 million, an all-time high, with the majority of that ($5.8 million) being spent with Facebook and Instagram.


Google gets into sleep surveillance with new Nest Hub screen

Google’s next internet-connected home device will test whether consumers trust the company enough to let it snoop on their sleep.


With COVID, your brand’s digital presence is more important than ever

We can all relate to The Little Mermaid these days — We want to be where the people are! Luckily, with the vaccine rollout in full swing, conversations surrounding COVID are finally turning toward recovery. However, the marketing effects of COVID will be long-lasting. Consumer behaviors have shifted permanently, and in order to be where the people are, you will need to update your digital strategy accordingly.


L’Oréal Canada launches a challenge for startups to transform the future of beauty

L’Oréal Canada, Canada’s leading cosmetics company, wants to transform the future of beauty by launching an open innovation challenge. With this challenge, L’Oréal Canada seeks to collaborate with innovative Canadian startups to revolutionize beauty using novel technology.


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