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One Degree Wednesday April 7 2021

Seven myths of business experimentation

When Isaac Newton published his third law of motion in 1687 — that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — he unintentionally gave us a conceptual model that extended beyond the motion of physical objects. About 300 years later, the economist Albert Hirschman applied this action–reaction lens to the study of political, social, and economic progress and arrived at a provocative conclusion.


At 60, Tim Cook doubts he’ll be at Apple for 10 more years

Tim Cook has been with Apple Inc. for 23 years and served as its chief executive officer for nearly a decade, but he used a new podcast appearance to suggest that some kind of an eventual change may be on the horizon.


Canadian construction companies rate digital maturity as ‘under-developed’ in new survey

“What this tells us is that the industry players recognize a disconnect between strategy and implementation signalling an opportunity for change,” said Larry Toste, a partner at KPMG, in his presentation on the preliminary findings of the digital maturity assessment tool during CCA’s Virtually Unstoppable conference.


How Health Technology Innovation Supports Medication Management Reform

As the Biden administration designs its strategy to reform health care policy, it must address the inherent need for medication management reform. It is time to embolden health care strategy by ensuring patients understand their medications and can collaborate with their physician along with a clinical pharmacist to ensure the medicines prescribed are right for them.


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