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One Degree Monday April 19 2021

Maybe Social Media Isn’t Making Us Depressed After All. Here’s What Likely Is.

What do bicycles and social media have in common? Soon after being adopted, each of these technologies brought on a tsunami of unjustified moral panic. Let’s start with bikes.
When bicycles burst onto the Victorian scene in the 1800s, they were a big deal. This cool contraption made it possible to travel much further and faster than you could ever go on foot. Better yet, bikes were a lot cheaper than horses (not to mention simpler to maintain).


Former industry minister takes parting shot at Canada’s risk-averse business community

Navdeep Bains earlier this spring spoke to me about his tenure as industry minister, which inevitably led to questions about Canada’s eroding competitiveness. He said that he thought he’d done a pretty good job of creating the conditions for a more innovative economy. But the corporate elite? Not so much.

“The ball is back in business’s court,” Bains said. “Frankly, if businesses don’t do this, I think in the long run they will struggle. They have to start changing their behaviour significantly.”


Mind the gap! And think about your role in the success of new technology

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Recently the Dutch cabinet announced that 4 billion euros from the growth fund will be invested in areas such as AI, quantum technology and green hydrogen. The aim of the investments is to strengthen the Dutch economy. What do you need to consider when developing and applying new technology from (fundamental) research?


Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ preview: iPads, AirTags, AirPods, and… iMacs?

Earlier this week, Apple sent out invitations sporting the tagline ‘Spring Loaded” and teasing an online event streaming at 10 am PT on Tuesday, April 20. We had all but given up on a spring event, so the invitation was something of a surprise. But now that we know it’s coming, what might we see at this event? Here’s everything we expect, hope, and really want to see.


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