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One Degree Tuesday April 20 2021

These architects popularized the open office. Now they say ‘the open office is dead’

As a longtime designer of office spaces for big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and the advertising firm TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles-based Clive Wilkinson Architects has helped define how offices around the world look and feel. One of its biggest innovations was a push toward the open office floor plan—the big, wallless room full of clicking and chattering desk workers that optimized the square footage of offices and democratized the workplace.


What has COVID-19 taught us about the barriers to online education?

Online learning at the post-secondary level has expanded Canadians’ access to education. For instance, online offerings have reached people in remote Indigenous communities, and enabled people in both rural and urban areas to attend educational institutions without necessarily disrupting their professional and personal life. In contrast to other approaches to learning, online education is uniquely flexible to student needs.


Knowing your brand assets from your elbow

A recent article by our friends at thebrandgym on the subject of distinctive brand assets caught our attention, because identifying them is something that, in our consulting work, forms part of our Effectiveness Audit.

So what do we look for? We break down the term “distinctive brand assets” into its three components:


Parler will relaunch on Apple’s App Store next week

The embattled social network Parler is slated to reappear on iOS on the week of April 26th, following its re-acceptance into Apple’s App Store earlier today. However, the iOS app will block some content that’s available on the Android and web versions of Parler — a compromise that apparently satisfies Apple’s developer guidelines.


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