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One Degree Wednesday April 21 2021

Shipwrecks and yacht taxes: 10 things you might have missed in the federal budget

They are governments’ biggest annual opportunities to flaunt big-ticket programs, throw money into the eventual goals of a post-election future and cast favour upon as many disparate groups as possible, all in an effort to make themselves as shiny and re-electable as possible.


WordPress Could Block Google’s FLoC

WordPress is floating a proposal to treat Google’s new Federated Learning of Cohorts tracking technology as a cybersecurity issue and may block it by default on WordPress websites, adding to the list of tech companies who aren’t on board with Google.

FLoC is a new ad tracking technology that replaces third-party cookies and essentially uses a web browser to anonymously place users into groups based on their browsing history. Not surprisingly, lots of companies and organizations are raising privacy concerns with the technology. According to The Verge, Safari, FireFox and Microsoft Edge won’t use the technology.


CMA applauds commitment to innovation reflected in today’s budget: Economic recovery measures emphasize the need to modernize privacy law

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) today applauded a key objective of the federal budget: to invest in Canada’s digital transformation and Canadian innovation, and noted that the success of this measure depends in part from timely privacy law reform.


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