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One Degree Friday April 23 2021

Carbon-cutting strategy should take a couple of pages from the campaign against smoking

In 1965, about half of all Canadians smoked. Now it’s less than 15 per cent. That’s almost 13 million fewer smokers today than we otherwise might have had, which in turn has led to longer lives and massive economic benefits. It’s what we might call an all-round Team Canada victory.

Now let’s do the same for climate pollution.


There’s no denying it: Diversity, equity and inclusion drive innovation

In my 20-plus years in Canada’s IT industry, I have witnessed several incredible changes. The way we do business has shifted, particularly in what is now an even more digital-first world. The IT industry is highly influential and shapes much of how business, and the world, works. As I know well from years in the channel and now working with our Canadian partners, solution providers play a key role in helping businesses of all sizes modernize and transform.


Canadians continue to find no shortage of disinformation, vitriol on social media, poll

The last couple of years have not been particularly great for the dissemination of news in North America.

First, we went through extremely divisive political campaigns in the United States and Canada, where supporters of a particular candidate or party consistently put down all others.


Popular websites fail to meet basic Google SEO requirements

New SEO research suggests many of the most popular websites barely pass Google’s minimum requirements for a “good” page experience.

According to Searchmetrics data, over 90% of sites in mobile searches and 96% of those in desktop searches currently fail to meet Google’s three Core Web Vitals usability thresholds.


Themes Set Up for a Paradigm Shift, WordPress 5.8 Will Unleash Tools To Make It Happen

For much of WordPress’s history, the foundational elements of building a theme have been slow to change. Every so often, developers would get a new feature, such as child themes, featured images, nav menus, and template parts. Each of these was epic in its own way. However, theme authors had ample time to adapt to these single feature introductions.


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