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One Degree Wednesday April 28 2021

How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad

Lucky for Edna Murphey, people attending an exposition in Atlantic City during the summer of 1912 got hot and sweaty.

For two years, the high school student from Cincinnati had been trying unsuccessfully to promote an antiperspirant that her father, a surgeon, had invented to keep his hands sweat-free in the operating room.


Show Your Immune System Some Love

If the immune system ran its own version of The Bachelor, antibodies would, hands down, get this season’s final rose.

These Y-shaped molecules have acquired some star-caliber celebrity in the past year, due in no small part to COVID-19. For months, their potentially protective powers have made headlines around the globe; we test for them with abandon, and anxiously await the results. Many people have come to equate antibodies, perhaps not entirely accurately, with near imperviousness to the coronavirus and its effects. Antibodies are, in many ways, the heartthrobs of the immune system—and some 15 months deep into immunological infatuation, the world is still swooning hard.


Canadian Digital Banks Are Taking Market Share From Century-Old Rivals

Unbeknownst to many, modern online banks can trace their roots to Canada when Netherlands-based ING Bank tested its digital banking concept in the late 1990s. Coinciding with the very early days of the internet, the technology made it possible for new online banks to gain market share against their century-old rivals.


Google pressured on racial equity audit after AI ethics collapse

An influential racial justice group called on Google to allow independent auditors to investigate the company’s business for potential discriminatory conduct.

Color of Change is urging the internet search giant to undergo a racial equity audit of its operations following the ouster of two women who led the company’s Ethical AI team.


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