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One Degree Friday April 30 2021

Petromedia: How Postmedia gives big ink to Big Oil

e are living in a climate emergency. Canada’s government admits that. But as Seth Klein has brilliantly shown in A Good War, provincial and federal policies fall far short of the scale of the challenge. One reason for Canada’s laggardly climate policies is the economic, cultural and political power of the fossil fuel industries.


Emerging trends in IoT are changing online marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming online marketing. IoT technologies allow higher levels of engagement with consumers than ever before, with companies receiving almost instant feedback and real-time insights into customer behavior over the long term from sensors, smart devices, and wearables.


Rogers CEO: Canada needs 5G investment today to compete tomorrow

Over the past year, we have experienced a once-in-a-generation transformation across almost every part of our lives: from how families stay connected, to how businesses reach their customers, to how students continue to learn.


How to rebuild the brick-and-mortar

When the pandemic forced Jeff Moriarty’s small-town jewelry store to close, the family owners immediately adopted a new digital strategy, launching a virtual gem show—a live exhibition showcasing new gemstones at discounted prices to viewers. The impact was profound, not only allowing the company to stay afloat, but thrive. Moriarty credits the virtual shows and a robust online storefront for an 80 percent increase in sales in 2020.




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