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One Degree Monday May 3 2021

WordPress Saves Creative Commons Search Engine From Shutting Down

Creative Commons Search is joining, which will help keep the search engine of free-to-use images running for the foreseeable future.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress parent company Automattic, says he decided to bring CC Search on board after hearing it was in danger of shutting down:


Liberals shut down debate on Bill C-10 amendment allowing regulation of social media content

Liberal MPs voted Friday to shut down debate on a Conservative motion to review whether an amendment to broadcasting Bill C-10 violates charter rights.

The controversial amendment would allow regulation of social media content and critics say it amounts to an attack on free speech.


Digital Marketing Won’t Go Away After The Pandemic

As vaccination begins to outpace demand and much of the country removes restrictions on gatherings and travel, financial advisors may be tempted to toss aside the virtual and digital marketing activities that became their only options during the pandemic.

But even though everyone will welcome the return to normalcy, advisors need to realize that the digital marketing and communications approaches they embraced during the “virtual” days are here to stay. Certain digital marketing tools proved essential during the pandemic, and growth-oriented advisors must continue to have them in their tool kits:


Deep tech: The next frontier of the Mass. innovation ecosystem

IN THE RACE to get “shots into arms,” vaccine producers are literally trying to squeeze out more RNA from the manufacturing process. Enter Ginkgo Bioworks, Boston’s biotechnology giant, whose technology is helping speed up vaccine production at companies like Moderna.



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