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One Degree Wednesday May 5 2021

The real consequences of Steven Guilbeault’s battle with the web giants

Government legislation tends to attract a wide range of responses. Some bills grab the spotlight and become sources of heated debate for months, while others fly under the radar screen with few Canadians taking notice. Until recently, Bill C-10, the government’s Broadcasting Act reform bill, fell into the latter category. Introduced last November as part of Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s mission to “make web giants pay”, the bill was steadily and stealthily working its way through the Parliamentary process with only a few days of “clause by clause” review left before a final reading and vote in the House of Commons.


Why great people often do things that surprise everyone

Why great people often do things that surprise everyone.

You’ve heard these types of comments before as descriptors of an individual who attracts a positive rating from leadership and is viewed as someone with potential to go further in the organization.


Vancouver tech company sets Canadian crowdfunding record with latest campaign

Vancouver financial technology company RAYL Innovations Inc. made history when it became Canada’s first and only company to successfully maximize participation using the Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemption.


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