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One Degree Tuesday May 11 2021

Q&A: Are Businesses Doing Digital Strategy Wrong?

Digital transformation is no longer news — it’s a necessity in every industry. In his new book, Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide to Reimagining Your Business, Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta describes how companies succeed in tr­ansforming their businesses with technology.

In a conversation with BizTech, Gupta discussed the most common digital strategy mistakes businesses make today, described the three phases of digital transformation and identified common themes that businesses of all sizes and in every industry can learn from.


Minister backtracks comments on Bill C-10, says social media users ‘will never’ be regulated

After suggesting that under Bill C-10, the Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission (CRTC) could impose discoverability regulations on individuals who have a large-enough following online, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has backtracked, saying that’s not the case.


16 eCommerce Website Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to promote your eCommerce website? Want some marketing techniques that will drive more sales to your online shop?

The team from Red Website Design share 16 eCommerce website marketing tips in this infographic.


The retail technology space during the coronavirus pandemic 

62% of UK shoppers believe they will do most of their shopping online a year from now, according to research by Klarna involving 1,022 people.

With the easing of coronavirus restrictions on retail and some hospitality on 12th April, UK consumers have been returning to their local high streets, shopping centres and retail parks. But it is unlikely we will see a return to pre-pandemic levels of footfall anytime soon.


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