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One Degree Wednesday May 12 2021

‘I want it to be disgustingly Canadian’: New video game will let you roam Toronto as a raccoon

Do you feel like you’ve binged every series worth streaming? Has the latest lockdown exhausted all your indoor entertainment options? A video game, which is currently being developed, will let you skirt provincial stay-at-home orders while wandering the streets as a raccoon.

“Raccoons resonate with people. Everyone in the city has a raccoon story,” said Jason Leaver, describing the inspiration behind his work-in-progress game.


Top social media platforms ‘unsafe’ for LGBTQ users, report finds

ive of the world’s leading social media platforms are “effectively unsafe for LGBTQ users,” according to a new report from GLAAD, an LGBTQ media advocacy group.


Which Digital Marketing Metrics Should You Focus On More?

No marketer can avoid analyzing marketing metrics. With today’s martech and marketing innovations, marketers have access to various kinds of metrics and analytics to have a deeper understanding of their marketing performance. But when you start diving more deeply into identifying the primary digital marketing metrics that should be top of mind, all the time: there again exists a different set of priority metrics based on every marketing team’s specific goals, future plans and core business strategy.


Sustaining technology-enhanced learning innovations in teachers’ classroom practices

In the recent years Tallinn University has paid a lot of attention to becoming agile in business collaboration, including both local and international EdTech companies. Their collaboration with the company TTS Group started last year, and the common interest is to develop and implement novel STEAM and educational robotics-related teaching practices for kindergartens and primary schools. The special interest lies in inclusive education and integrating technology with the subjects that are taught in Estonian educational institutions.


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