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One Degree Monday May 17 2021

Women Over 50 Are Having A Moment

Mika Brzezinski once believed that a woman’s value was almost always linked to her youth and appearance. She knows, now, that’s not true. Here’s how she overcame the “age trap” and found more success, power and fulfillment with each passing year of her career.


Social Audio. Can We Talk?

Earlier this week, I began a new semester teaching digital reputation management to a group of professional communicators and marketers.

We were discussing integrated communications and I mentioned the importance of “boundary spanning”, that is, bringing the outside in and the inside out by listening and spotting trends relevant to an organization and its audiences.


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Google’s New Advertising Racket

Last year, in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Andrew Yang, currently in the running to become the next mayor of NYC, wrote the following: “Whenever you sign up for a new social media service or website, or download an app onto your phone or computer, you’ll typically see some long disclaimer language written in legalese. You scroll through it quickly and click the ‘I agree’ button.”



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