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One Degree Tuesday May 18 2021

Just 12 anti-vaxxers are responsible for spreading most of anti-vaccine content on social media: study

A mere dozen prominent anti-vaxxers are responsible for most of the anti-vaccine content circulating on social media, a new study has found.

The Disinformation Dozen, as the study dubbed them, are responsible for 73 per cent of all anti-vaccine content shared on Facebook and 17 per cent of tweets on Twitter.


Apple Music Lossless requires wired headphones, AirPods will only get Spatial Audio

Apple announced today that Apple Music will soon offer support for Lossless songs, as well as Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. However, there has been some confusion as to which devices are needed to take advantage of all these features. 9to5Mac has now contacted Apple for further clarification on compatibility with the new Apple Music features.


New Smart Home Enabled Wiring Devices Lead the Residential Evolution in Canada

Schneider Electric, a global, trusted leader in sustainable energy management and automation announced today the launch of Square D Wiring Devices in Canada. Carefully designed with form, function, and convenience in mind, Square D Wiring Devices bring style and connectivity to the residential market with a focus on delivering quality devices to electricians, homebuilders, and homeowners.


Vaccine selfies trend on Maritime social media feeds

More vaccine selfies are appearing on Maritime social media feeds as eligibility for getting a shot widens across the region.

Dr. Jeff Steeves, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society, says the online posts may provide a boost confidence for those who are vaccine hesitant.


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