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One Degree Thursday May 20 2021

How companies can transform information into insight

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, one leading global engineering and technology services company found itself well positioned to meet unprecedented challenges. The firm had kicked off a digital transformation project the year before, including investing in a data and analytics program equipped with advanced tools. For example, it enhanced digital collaboration among engineers using next-generation design software, it automated resource allocation based on skill sets, and it offered business reporting on executive mobile devices.


Social Media Campaign Emphasizes Unique Qualities of Small Towns

Every small town has something going for it — something uniquely its own. With a new campaign and contest, Co-operatives First is encouraging rural residents to share their “hometown advantage” on social media.

From May 19th to June 9th, participants are encouraged to post photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with a description of what makes their community unique. By using the hashtag #hometownadvantage, they’ll be eligible to win one of three $500 Co-op gift cards.


3 Strategies For Creating Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

Marketing is just a fancy way of saying that you’re great at building relationships with people.

You’re used to creating campaigns that drive awareness and conversions (hello Customer Value Journey!). Sometimes it’s challenging to create these relationships, but for the most part, you’re able to get the job done.


How noisy is your company?

Companies live and die by the ability of the people who work within them to make sound judgments. Their judgments determine what strategy to follow, where to invest R&D funds, how to set prices, who to hire and promote, and a myriad of other decisions. Some of the decisions are one-offs; others are made repeatedly. There’s just one problem, assert Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony, and Cass Sunstein: “Wherever there is judgment, there is noise — and more of it than we think.”


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