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One Degree Tuesday May 25 2021

The retail technology space during the coronavirus pandemic

One month on from non-essential retail reopening in England, data from Mention Me shows that online sales declined by 6% against the previous month.

Sales typically decline by just 3% at this time of year, indicating that customers are diversifying their spending.


Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome On Your iPhone, iPad And Mac

If you’re among the billions of people using Chrome, then Google has just given you a seriously good reason to quit. The exposure of stark data harvesting and the quiet introduction of “creepy” new tracking is the best reason in years to switch browsers. Now, for Apple users, there are even more reasons you should make a change.


Online brand protection: five tips to build effective strategies

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and a vital gateway for doing business in its neighbouring countries. In Brazil, as in the rest of the world, there has been an exponential increase in online sales and the number of companies of various types that invest in technology and e-commerce. However, there has also been a dramatic increase in online infringement of various types, especially through ‘.br’ websites, apps, marketplaces and social media.


SEO Backlink Strategy for Small Businesses

Why does a small business need a backlink strategy? Because the quality of your backlinks demonstrates the kind of neighbourhood you hang out in. A whole load of spammy links tells a very different story from a moderate number of respected, high authority links that are declaring their trust in you.


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