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One Degree Wednesday May 26 2021

Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark

In extraordinary times, a statement of purpose can serve as an organization’s anchor. A clear reminder of a company’s core identity grounds employees, customers, and other stakeholders, who may feel adrift — enabling them to focus on addressing critical problems. Most recently, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted the world to reconsider what work and which organizations are essential to society’s function. And unrest over social injustice has led many organizations to reflect on their role in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. These important initiatives will be most effective if they involve a close examination of purpose.


Canadian Digital Banks Are Taking Market Share From Century-Old Rivals

Unbeknownst to many, modern online banks can trace their roots to Canada when Netherlands-based ING Bank tested its digital banking concept in the late 1990s. Coinciding with the very early days of the internet, the technology made it possible for new online banks to gain market share against their century-old rivals.


Magazine Publishing Market Witnessing Growth Thrust with Innovative Interactive Advertisement Distribution History, Present, Future and Forecast (2021-2025)

Global magazine publishing market is anticipated to encounter significant growth in the coming years heralding a fair CAGR valuation throughout the forecast tenure, according to Orbis Research’s recent report publication.


The National Gallery of Canada releases Transform Together, its first ever Strategic Plan

After a year of introspection and through the collaborative work of 60 members of the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) team, Transform Together, the Gallery’s first ever Strategic Plan was released to the public. The document outlines the deep changes the National Gallery of Canada aspires to make over the coming 5 years. The 5 Strategic Pillars of the new plan underline the Gallery’s commitment to:


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