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One Degree Friday June 4 2021

A cautionary tale of how ego-driven managers can instill battle fatigue

Bad managers persist despite countless business books warning against the pitfalls of power. But no management text paints a more vivid picture of the problem than E.M. Delafield does in the monster of self-regard at the center of The War-Workers.


Boy becomes social media star with adorable ads for parents’ Penticton grocery store

Global Grocers recently opened in Penticton, but it’s the owners’ 10-year-old son who has stolen the show. Aarav Gaba is making a star out of himself with the commericals he’s making for his parents’ international grocery store.


WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

Do you need an SEO plugin for your WordPress website? Learn about SEO plugins, how to choose one, and whether you need one at all.


Canadian PGA Tour Golfer Graham DeLaet Teams Up With Turkey to Get Canadians Talking and Grilling Turkey This Summer

Think Turkey, the five-year marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness of turkey as a delicious everyday protein option, is staking its place on Canadian grills this BBQ season with the launch of The Griller’s Bird campaign.


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