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One Degree Monday June 7 2021


In this modern era where technology has made great progress, people have more access to the internet. Many people showing their interest in online marketing thereby establishing their businesses by utilizing the internet all over the world.


Artificial intimacy: where gossip, relationships and social media intersect

One woman dominated the 1980s gossip media landscape. I recall a sunny school holiday Wednesday morning as an 11-year-old, when family and friends gathered around our television, and a staggering 750 million other people gathered around their televisions too, to watch her float up the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral trailing eight metres of radiant white silk taffeta. From the moment that Charles, then and now heir to the British throne, showed an interest in her, “Lady Di” became the most photographed woman in pre-Kardashian history. For nearly two decades she graced the covers of more glossy magazines than every other celebrity combined.


Liberals push to end Bill C-10 study amid social media free speech concerns

The federal Liberals sparked an uproar over a bid Friday morning to shut down committee study on its controversial Bill C-10, as experts continue to express concern about the impact the legislation could have on free speech online.


Twitter launches first paid subscription in Canada

Canadians will be among the first Twitter users with access to a host of new features, but for the first time the offerings will come with a fee.

The San Francisco-based tech giant unveiled Twitter Blue — its first paid subscription product — on Thursday. The long-rumoured offering will cost $3.49 a month for Canadians and be available to iOS users in the country and Australia first before reaching the U.S. and international destinations later this year.


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