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One Degree Monday June 14 2021

TikTok challenges rev up social media engagement effort

Cisco’s social media audience consists of two personas: current employees and potential candidates. It has a variety of social media strategies to engage both audiences, but wanted to activate its virtual summer interns to become content creators on TikTok in a pilot program. The goal was simple: to create #WeAreCisco advocates through motivating them to be a part of something new and exclusive, while allowing them to be creative.


4 ways to prevent culture shock as employees return to work

For the last year, many employees have been working remotely in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, as vaccine efforts ramp up, companies are starting to announce their return to the office. Amazon says its corporate employees could be back in the office by fall, while other companies like Ford Motor Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Facebook could bring their employees back by early summer. Some companies, such as Uber and Microsoft, have already opened their doors to employees.


Why does your Shopify Store need SEO

The basic goal of search engine optimization is to optimize your website for search engines. The main of search engines it to provide the most relevant and valuable information to searchers and it should also be the aim of your website. In order to achieve those goals you need to understand what search engine optimization is and how it works.


Bank of Canada says digital transformation helped economy cope with COVID-19

The rapid digitization of the Canadian economy in the COVID-19 pandemic has helped limit the damage to potential output, and that means the economy will be able to grow more quickly without sparking inflation, the Bank of Canada said on Thursday.


Why You Should Never Use Google Chrome On Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac

Chrome has been under fire for its “creepy” new tracking technology for some time, but now we have a more detailed technical analysis of the very serious risks to users and an update from Apple that highlights exactly why Chrome is such a privacy nightmare. Apple users should certainly not be using Chrome on any of their devices.


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