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One Degree Tuesday June 15 2021

How the Canadian economy can continue to benefit from U.S. battle with China

When Jerome Powell, the world’s most powerful central banker, meets with the media this Wednesday, nobody expects him to say the soaring inflation we’re seeing has forced him to hike interest rates.

Despite data out last week showing year on year inflation has shot up to levels unseen for 13 years, most economists expect the U.S. Federal Reserve is not yet ready to end the stimulus low rates offer to an economy that has once again become an engine of North American and global growth.


‘People don’t like the way they look on Zoom’: Plastic surgery ‘lift’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Plastic surgeons in Metro Vancouver are seeing a swell of new and repeat clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increased demand may be partially due to people scrutinizing their appearances while spending hours on video conferences. Working from home is also allowing cosmetic surgery patients to quietly recover without being seen – while the provincial mask mandate means they can hide their faces until it’s time for the big reveal.


Lobby Watch: Quebec firm promotes companion robot for seniors

As discussions continue to emerge from the lessons learned about seniors’ care during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Quebec company Alaviva/Maelström créatif wants to talk to the federal government on possible contracts for the use of the Cutii companion robot, both to support seniors with loss of autonomy and for people with reduced mobility.

Meanwhile, Central America Nickel, a Montreal-based company specializing in the treatment and purification of strategic metals, is looking to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) on its plan to acquire and develop mining assets in Quebec.


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