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One Degree Monday June 21 2021

Here’s Why That Social Media Detox You Just Took Probably Didn’t Work

Have you ever noticed that short-term fixes never work? Using duct tape to hold your license plate to the rear bumper of a car or gluing a piece of your shoe to keep it in place might help for a while. Eventually, what you need is a long-term solution.


Companies fire employees for these personality traits, but maybe they should be getting bonuses

Innovation. It’s a word so central to success in business that it’s almost talismanic. It brings to mind images of Nikola Tesla slaving away in his Shoreham, N.Y. workshop, or Jobs and Woz cobbling together the first Apple computer in a Cupertino garage.


Five things to watch for in Canadian business

John Graham, chief executive of CPP Investments, will speak at a virtual event held Tuesday by the Canadian Club Toronto. Graham was appointed CEO in February to replace Mark Machin who resigned after disclosing that he travelled to the United Arab Emirates, where he received a COVID-19 vaccination.


SEO and Content Marketing: The Chicken and The Egg of Online Marketing

You know that SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. But, you might ask yourself, to what extent should SEO, or search engine optimization, drive your content decisions? We face this decision in a lot of different ways when we create blog posts for Spring Insight or for our clients. One common question is whether SEO should drive content decisions, or whether the content decision comes first and SEO follows. In other words, in terms of content decisions and SEO, which is the chicken and which is the egg?


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