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One Degree Tuesday June 22 2021

IBM Canada Announces New Office in Downtown Toronto

IBM Canada (NYSE: IBM) today announced it would be merging four Toronto-based offices into a single flexible workspace to be located at 16 York in Toronto’s downtown core. The new office will include an AI and hybrid cloud client showcase centre, collaboration spaces for use by both employees and clients, and space for IBM Garage, a globally recognized design approach to innovation and digital transformation.


Newly established organization attracts talent via innovative pension solution

New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) has a vision to harmonize and improve access to digital tools and services for Canadian researchers. Now, they have taken the step to enhance their value proposition to their current and future employees with a strong, secure and valuable pension.


8 ways to speed up your WordPress site in 2021

For businesses small and large alike, WordPress has consistently ranked among the top Content Management Systems (CMS) tools on the market. It’s free, fast to set up, easy to manage, and there are a plethora of developers and extensions to help with all your website needs.



Conventional startup wisdom says that, in order to attract potential customers, you have to crank out lots of blogs targeting high-volume search terms.

But that’s not how Amazon, Zillow, TripAdvisor and thousands of other companies have found success. Instead, they focused on creating products users wanted. It was only then that search engine dominance followed.


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