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One Degree Tuesday July 6 2021

How To Use Social Media For The Positive While Forging The Social Media Renaissance

With the whirlwind, chaos, and amplification of the 24/7 news cycle, it is no surprise that audiences increasingly flock to social media to tune in with what is going on or simply to escape a few minutes for a mental release.

Social media is simply no longer an outlet for connection or keeping tabs on high-profile athletes or celebrities; it is now a daily resource for positivity, motivation, mindset, and education.


Morning Brief: Liberals on track for a majority

Liberals on track for a majority: A June Ipsos poll of 1,501 Canadians found the Liberals had the support of 38 per cent of respondents, putting them on track to win a third mandate and form a majority government, if an election is triggered in September. A separate Ekos survey of 1,412 Canadians found Justin Trudeau’s party leading with 35 per cent support. As The Hill Times reports, their biggest threat comes not from the Tories but from the NDP and possibly the Bloc Québécois.


Google’s John Mueller Doesn’t See SEO Becoming Obsolete

Google’s John Mueller shares his thoughts on the future of SEO and whether he sees it becoming obsolete one day.

During the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorded on July 2, a question was submitted which simply asks: “What’s your vision for the future of SEO?”


The 17 Most Useful WordPress Tips and Tricks to Blog Like a Pro!

With time comes experience, and this translates into knowledge. Today I’d like to share my accumulated knowledge as it relates to blogging, and specifically to my favorite WordPress tips and tricks.



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