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One Degree Thursday July 8 2021

Global Democracies Need to Align to Fight Disinformation

Before authoritarians pollute the 2022 midterms, the US and EU must build a blueprint for democratic internet governance.


#CovidIsOver is trending on social media across Canada

A year and a half into the pandemic, people are rightfully exhausted by COVID-19, as it brought with it the restrictions that have limited our ability to gather and has led to an overall lower quality of life.

But with variants still in the air, now more than ever, people should strive to be as vigilant as possible to prevent any further flareups.


Another Amazon-first gadget brand has suspiciously vanished: Choetech

f you’re in the market for a new charger or cable, you might find fewer brands on Amazon than you’d expect — because at least six of them have mysteriously disappeared. The giant retailer confirmed last month that it had removed Aukey, Mpow, RavPower, Vava and TaoTronics, but now a sixth gadget maker has similarly vanished in a puff of smoke: Choetech, a company perhaps best known for inexpensive wireless charging pads. (A few Verge staffers have them sitting around right now.)


Kraft Heinz revives What’s Cooking as a digital platform

Kraft Heinz is relaunching its print publication What’s Cooking as a digital platform for chefs to grow their audiences and foodies to find inspiration, with help from Top Chef alum Chef Edward Lee.

Developed in Kraft Heinz’s digital lab in Toronto, the dedicated food discovery and publishing platform, at the website and on Instagram and TikTok, allows creators, chefs, and home cooks to share their culinary voices, manage their own food content, engage with audiences and collaborate with each other.




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