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One Degree Tuesday July 13 2021

These gorgeous, intricate gowns are made entirely of trash

Iris van Herpen’s collection for Paris Haute Couture Week consists of five gowns covered in intricate, elaborate lace. It’s hard to believe that the ethereal dresses are made entirely from trash.


Government of Canada Awareness Campaign Addresses Growing Risk of Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Online child sexual exploitation is an abhorrent and horrific crime that causes victims to suffer devastating and long-lasting consequences. The Government of Canada is committed to protecting children from sexual exploitation of any kind.


Porter Airlines to adapt its model as it finally restarts service?

Armed with financial support from the Canadian government, Porter Airlines is aiming to resume flights in Sep-2021, after being grounded for more than a year. The airline has been forced to push back its restart date numerous times due to Canada’s strict travel restrictions; but Canada is slowly beginning to ease some of its requirements, giving airlines hope that a slight bump in demand will ensue.


16 Critical Things To Get Straight Before Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning a digital marketing campaign isn’t a simple process. Many factors impact the creation of an effective strategy, and it’s important for everyone involved to be on the same page. However, there are a few aspects of a digital campaign that marketers may not always consider prior to creating a strategy.



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