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One Degree Wednesday July 14 2021

How VR could make you smarter

Virtual reality is fun. But what if it could be more than fun? What if VR could make you smarter?

For more than 70 years, scientists have known about a brain phenomenon called the “theta rhythm.” To oversimplify it, your brain thinks not just in frequencies but in syncopated beats. And the theta is the most prominent rhythm in the brain.


COVID has increased demand for these jobs in Ontario

The pandemic has overhauled the way Canadians work. While some sectors have seen widespread job loss, others are on the lookout for even more talent.

The federal government did some research into how the pandemic has affected the labour force in each province and territory. In Ontario, researchers analyzed 109 occupations that saw big changes in employment compared to pre-COVID days.


Cuban Canadians watch with anxiety after anti-government protests, COVID-19 rates spike

Canadians with loved ones in Cuba are watching with anxiety after thousands took to the streets of Havana and elsewhere in the country on Sunday, in some of the largest displays of anti-government sentiment in decades, followed by quiet on the streets on Monday.


National digital skills strategy key to preparing Indigenous youth for future workforce: report

Indigenous youth are growing at four times’ the rate of Canada’s non-Indigenous population, representing the country’s fastest-growing cohort and a crucial part of the future workforce. But many feel they lack the digital skills needed to succeed in the country’s rapidly changing economy, according to a new report from RBC Economics.



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