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One Degree Friday July 16 2021

The Provincial Rollout: What’s Next For Single-Event Sports Betting In Canada

When the Senate of Canada approved a bill on single-event sports betting last month in a historic 11th hour vote, the Canadian Parliament laid the groundwork for the rollout of wagering on single-game athletic events north of the border.


Facebook Users Said No to Tracking. Now Advertisers are Panicking

When users get asked on iPhone devices if they’d like to be tracked, the vast majority say no. That’s worrying Facebook Inc.’s advertisers, who are losing access to some of their most valuable targeting data and have already seen a decrease in effectiveness of their ads.


Apple Reveals Ground-Breaking New iPhone Technology

New details from Apple reveal a powerful new camera tech that could power future iPhones


Charting new digital strategies: How to be visionary, but practical

Providers are at a crossroads – needing to quickly modernize consumer engagement tactics to meet rising consumer expectations, while evolving care models to promote the right mix of virtual and physical care.



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