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One Degree Monday July 19 2021

How to Bet Against the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media model is broken. In a recent survey by communications firm Edelman, 52% of Canadians said the media is not doing well at being objective and non-partisan. Meanwhile, technology has shifted the way younger consumers access news and information.


Outspoken health experts say racist social media attacks have taken a toll

Plenty of Canadians have experienced firsthand how quickly disagreements over public health measures during the pandemic can turn ugly. But a daily flood of hateful attacks received by outspoken medical professionals — especially those who are people of colour — frequently cross the line from outrage to outright personal attacks, racism and even threats of violence.


The Government of Canada Launches Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for AI and the Internet of Things

The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring the Copyright Act remains responsive to modern realities and that Canada’s copyright framework continues to be effective in fostering innovation and investment as new technologies develop. To do so, Canada’s copyright framework should support the changing needs of artists, innovators and consumers in a high-tech world.


Apple Must Address The MacBook Pro’s Biggest Problem

As Apple continues to renew the macOS platform, consumers are being left to question what is happening with the new MacBook Pro machines. While the signs point to a release in early Q4, Apple’s traditional silence is damaging consumer confidence and their purchasing decisions



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