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One Degree Monday July 26 2021

New Update Lets You Block Spammers and Gross People on Google Drive

As with all things, the internet has its high points, such as adorable cats, and its low points, or spammers, trolls, and people who share abusive content. Many of us avoid these individuals, though it’s easier to do on some platforms than on others. Here’s some good news: If you’re having trouble with these kinds of folks, Google Drive will now let you block them.


The ad war: How to overcome the Canadian journalism problem 

The news industry is ever-changing. And according to Christopher Waddell, a professor emeritus and former program director for journalism and media production and design at Carleton University, traditional media outlets might be forced to adapt to a world that no longer wants newspapers.


For A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy, Do These Five Things

Growing an e-commerce business can be summed up in two words—digital marketing. Companies are placing their ads where eyeballs are: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and other platforms. Brands that have effective social media campaigns are seeing major returns. You need more than a good product to see a spike in revenue from digital advertisements. Many startups are losing money creating lackluster ads or failing to analyze their metrics to reach their target demographic.


Why Digital Marketing is Important

One of the big changes in the world of marketing since the global phenomenon of the digital era took root, and the internet explosion, is that of engagement. Marketing is no longer one way traffic; increasingly customers expect to be able to contact and interact with brands, and businesses that fail to engage or utilise the benefits of digital engagement and communication will inevitably lose customer loyalty and market share.



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