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One Degree Tuesday August 3 2021

A Non-fungible Token of My Appreciation

I’ve never been much of a collector.

As a kid, I bought hockey or baseball cards mostly for the gum.

Technically, I collected marbles, but those were more for utility—as in playing games with my friends and hopefully winning more than I lost.


The Key Role Of Positioning Strategy

If understanding the market is about understanding yourself to set your business strategy while also understanding your customers and their needs and wants, then positioning is about what you do to make those two things meet up. The purpose of positioning is to help buyers to quickly understand your offering, so when they are searching for solutions to buy, they can identify why your brand is relevant for the job they are trying to get done. You enable customers to better understand your value by framing what you do, to give it context. People can then know which box your brand fits into. Being aware of the options your target buyers might consider when choosing what to buy for their needs is key to determining which box to put yourself in.


13 Brand And Business Book Recommendations

Working with brand, we are always looking for informed and intelligent thinking on the key topics surrounding it. Only by constantly learning can we bring new and relevant knowledge and opinion to our work. Here’s a selection of the books that have helped give us a richer appreciation and understanding of the role brand plays – economically, socially, and culturally.


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