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One Degree Friday August 13 2021

Quick! Do you know your company’s values?

At some point during their evolution, companies go through the values exercise. The founder may decide to write them down. Or the company’s values could be the subject of a whiteboard exercise by the leadership team at an off-site. Or employees may be surveyed for their input. There is no “right” way to do the values exercise, because every company’s culture is unique. Ideally, the list of values should capture and codify that culture.


New Industry Standard for Advertising Food and Beverage Products to Children

The Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA), the Canadian Beverage Association (CBA), Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP) and Restaurants Canada recently published the Code for the Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products to Children (the “Code”). The Code, and its accompanying Guide for the Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products to Children (the “Guide”) expand upon the legislative and self-regulatory regimes that already exist in Canada by setting out the conditions governing responsible advertising of food and beverages to children. They recognize that children are a special audience and that particular care must be taken in developing advertising for children.


Trudeau Liberals planning general election on September 20: sources

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to trigger an election on Sunday by asking Gov. Gen. Mary Simon to dissolve Parliament even though Canada’s top doctor says the country is now in the grips of a fourth wave of COVID-19.

CP 24

Kellogg’s is on a mission to grow the entire breakfast category

Kellogg Canada has launched its first masterbrand campaign in more than 10 years, showing that its portfolio of cereals has what Canadians are looking for at the start of their day – especially as they begin to adopt new morning routines.



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