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One Degree Monday August 16 2021

10+ business tools for your startup

Starting a new business is hard. Not only do you need a good product or service idea that fills a gap in the marketplace, you also need financial support and the right team to pull it off. Fortunately, there is one thing that is easy. Using the right tools to ideate, plan, develop, market and analyze your business. There are also tools to keep count of the big bucks you will make as you succeed. In this blog we have shared the best business tools that a startup needs in 2021.


Free Marketing Tools you Must Have in 2021

Marketers in small companies or startups feel they need to spend a small fortune on the right tools to get work done. But can you get the same results with free tools?
Your marketing stack should include tools for a range of uses, from content writing, social media, SEO, and website analysis.


Google or Gmail storage full? Easy ways to quickly free up space

I lost count of how many emails I got when Google announced a change to its storage policies, doing away with unlimited storage for photos and videos


NOT Every Keyword is Worth Pursuing in SEO (Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Just because a keyword gets a lot of traffic, it doesn’t mean it’s worth going after. Today I’m going to break down, how not every keyword is worth pursuing an SEO and why.



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