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One Degree Wednesday August 18 2021

Should we ban fossil fuel ads on TV and in movie theatres, like we do cigarettes?

Pre-pandemic, I remember sitting in a movie theatre waiting for the film to begin and being forced to watch yet another high-production car ad. I think it was a Jeep advertisement in this case, and clearly designed to appeal to young people, inviting them to conquer the great outdoors and enticing them into the company’s attractive domain. And I found myself wondering: why are ads for gas stations, gas-powered cars and trucks, and airlines not illegal?


Checking out a candidate’s social media

I rarely miss an opportunity to comment when the world of hockey collides with the world of HR. This morning, I woke to see a tweet from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies (minor league affiliate of the Leafs):


From Recovery to Resilience: Stories from Three Canadian Business Leaders

Over the last year and a half, stories of resiliency have emerged all around us. Entire industries were transformed overnight…for better or for worse. Absence of in-person interactions, supply chain disruptions, and changing consumer behaviour were just a few “make or break” challenges faced by many in this country and beyond. But when we think about the organizations most affected by the pandemic, resilience describes not only the way many “bounced back,” but the ability to push forward and see what’s next.



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