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One Degree Thursday August 19 2021

These 3 remarkable Zoom apps make your meetings way better—for free

Let’s not beat around the bush: Nobody really likes video meetings. We all get that same sense of dread every time we see the phrase “schedule a call,” and we all feel ourselves die a teensy bit inside whenever a new Zoom invitation invades our inbox.


Conservatives delete ‘Willy Wonka’ ad from Twitter after copyright complaint

The Conservative party has deleted an ad mocking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau from Twitter after a copyright infringement claim was made against it. The ad, which was released on Friday, depicted Trudeau’s face pasted on top of an image of a bratty character from classic children’s film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”


I almost died in the Afghanistan war, and for what?

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers …”

Those words were written by William Shakespeare, in his play Henry V. Almost half a millennium has gone by since those words were put to paper by way of quill, and yet they are still applicable today. I am proud to be part of a fraternity of 40,000 Canadians who deployed to Afghanistan in our country’s longest war.


A major utility was preparing to capitalize on emerging trends in smart home technology, electric mobility, and sustainability—with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction through personalization and user-friendly interfaces. This transformation included developing new business models and product offerings. EY worked with the utility to develop a digital strategy, capabilities, and a multiyear transformation roadmap—all while communicating across the organization to ensure digital adoption and new ways of working. The result: the company is receiving top rankings for customer and employee satisfaction and is on track to improve efficiency by 5% to 15% while also increasing earnings per share.




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